Our Citizen’s Union (OCU) is a non-profit organization. We could not exist without our volunteer network. The positions advertised below are volunteer positions. Those that fill these positions get satisfaction from making a difference. They are standing up for what they believe in and making the changes they want to see in this country. They are not looking for a paycheck here but rather investing their effort in their future and that of their children and grandchildren.

Behind the Scenes Positions:

Researchers / Monitors
Gather research on current events for blog posts
Research political candidates
Research Businesses
Monitor elected representatives (local, state, federal)
Monitor Business Practices
Website Development
Website Admin
New Member Registration
General Admin
Data Processing
Tax Filing
Legal Issues
Grievance Negotiation
Non-profit Filings
Marketing Material Development
Retail Sales Material
Member Correspondence
Word Processing
Blog Posting

Boots on the Ground Positions:

New Member Recruiting
Volunteer Recruiting
Corporate Donor Solicitors
Private Contribution Solicitors
Grievance Investigators
Incident Investigation
Merchandise Sales
On-line Sales
Picket Line Volunteers


Researchers gather information. This is a very important function because our decisions can affect the livelihoods and lives of many people. We rely on facts to make good decisions. If we decided to boycott a company or industry, based on the information we have, we want to be certain that information is accurate. If we decide to support a political candidate, or unseat an elected official, we want to be certain the information we’re using to make these decisions is accurate.

Depending on the nature of the issue, researchers will be given assignments at various levels (i.e. District/Township, City, County, State, Regional and National). Researchers are also encouraged to pursue their own interests and agendas and submit material for consideration. However, only information/issues that pertain to our core values will be posted.

Monitors keep track of the actions of individuals and/or organizations we’re investigating or monitoring.  The information gathered is communicated back to operations personnel for further processing. Whereas, researchers are usually working on new projects that have not yet been sanctioned, monitors are usually assigned to sanctioned projects.
Both the researcher and monitor function can be extremely rewarding and are the lifeblood of our organization. Those with investigative or investigator experience are certainly welcome and needed.

Website Development & Admin

Our website needs to be constantly expanded and maintained as we grow. WordPress is the program currently used. A visit to our site will give you a good idea of how much help we need in this area.

General Administration

As you can imagine, in an organization with 20 million members, there is plenty of administrative tasks to keep up with. The good news is that almost all of this can be done from just about any location with an internet connection.


Although I like to think of us as an “Organization,” “Union,” or “Family,” the IRS sees us as a business. Even though we are a non-profit, we still need help accounting for our business transactions. Accountants, bookkeepers and clerical personnel are needed and welcome!

Legal Issues

We need attorneys willing to volunteer their time for the following:
Establishment, registration and filings to set up a non-profit corporation
Litigation on behalf of our members

Marketing Material Development

The essence of this organization is in the strength we gain by increasing the size of our membership. We need marketing materials that will help us recruit members.

Member Correspondence

It is imperative that we communicate to our members on a regular basis. Our primary means of communication is email. We need volunteers to handle the flow of email in and out of the organization.


Writers will edit and write posting material. Information from researchers and monitors will be use to draft postings. Writers will take the drafts and finalize them for posting.


We need volunteer to contribute posts to the site. The posts must be approved by the appropriate review committee.


This is one of the most important functions in the organization. The more members we have, the stronger we are. We also need to recruit volunteers.


Our Citizen’s Union is a non-profit. We depend on donations to cover operating expenses. Therefore, we need individuals who are experienced in fund raising.

Grievance Investigators

Members of OCU can ask for help and support if they feel they have been treated unjustly. The member must file a grievance detailing the nature of the complaint. Grievance investigators follow up with the member and the party that the member is filing a grievance about. We welcome members of organized labor unions with grievance/arbitration experience.

NOTE: OCU will not get involved in labor disputes on behalf of anyone who is already represented by a labor union or collective bargaining agreement.

Merchandize Sales

Merchandize sales volunteers sell OCU merchandize to generate funds for the organization.


This is real “boots-on-the-ground” activism. We need volunteers to walk picket lines and engage in peaceful demonstrations. This is where the rubber meets the road. When all other efforts to resolve an issue fail, our picketers and demonstrators go into action. This is usually accompanied by a boycott. Only those who are not afraid to be personally recognized as OCU members and activists should consider this.

Please contact us at info@ourcitizensunion.org if you would like to volunteer.