Our Citizen’s Union is a “grass roots” movement whose mission is to put control of this country into the hands of it’s 99% working class citizens.  If you think you’re in control now, you are wrong.  You are not in control.  Big Business and Wall Street are in control.  Your elected representatives are controlled by Big Business and Wall Street – not you.  We are determined to change that.

Your vote is of little impact.  Why?  Because whomever you elect will do what’s best for him or her, their party, or the special interest groups that line their pockets, with little regard for you.  Oh, they will tell you what you want to hear, but it’s all smoke and mirrors.  They pacify you because they know the system and it’s flaws, and they know you won’t hold them accountable.  We are determined to change that too.

Most people don’t keep track of what their elected representatives do while in office.  Can you produce a report card  for your elected representatives right now?  Probably not.  In fact, most people don’t even know who their representatives are.  Do you?  Guess what – they like it that way.  They (the politicians) only want you to know them at election time.  That’s when they will spend millions to tell you exactly what they want you to know about them.  They lie!  They cheat!  They will beg, borrow and steal to get your vote.  There are exceptions.  We’ll tell you who they are.

Ask yourself these questions –

If you join us, Our Citizen’s Union will make sure your representatives, at ALL levels, know who you are and exactly what you expect of them.  Our Citizen’s Union will hold them accountable – to YOU.  If they perform well, they will be rewarded with re-election.  If they don’t, we’ll fire them and replace them with representatives who will meet or exceed your expectations.

If you join us, Our Citizen’s Union will let your representatives, at ALL levels, know that WE are the “Powers That Be” – not them.  We won’t tolerate partisan politics for the sake of any party.  We have no patience for their self-absorbed, self-centered egotism.  We are fed up with party loyalty above voter loyalty.  They will speak for us.  They will work for us – after all, we pay their salaries.  They will do what’s best for us, not the party, not the special interest groups, not China or India, not the military machine – US!

If our representatives are the least bit dishonest; if they do not obey the letter of the law; if their character is compromised; we will fire them.  Period!

Do you think “Big Business” cares about you?  It doesn’t.  It only care about making a profit – with or without you!  They will do whatever it takes to make money for their stockholders.  That’s how the system works.  They will ship jobs overseas if it means more profit.  They will do whatever they can to keep you from organizing a labor union.  The top executives will take multi-million dollar bonuses on top of their multi-million dollar salaries while the man or woman at the bottom of the totem pole barely makes a living.  If you think the system is fair, your are wrong.

Wall Street will rape and pillage Main Street without blinking an eye.  They are doing it right now – right in front of you and thumbing their noses at you as if to say, “what are you going to do about it?”

Our Citizen’s Union is an organization that will represent you 24/7.  We will stand up for you when you are not treated fairly at any time and in any situation.

Where do we get our clout from and how to we control the politicians, big business and Wall Street?  Two ways – first with the power of our vote.  Second, with our purchasing power.  Our goal is to have 100 million members by 2018, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  The more members we have the stronger we are.  There truly is strength in numbers.  If we decide to represent a candidate, they get elected.  If not, they don’t.  If we deiced to support a company and purchase their products, they succeed.  If we boycott, they go out of business.  When we support a labor dispute by boycotting the product or services the company offers, labor wins.

Let it be known, from the city councilperson to the president of the United States and everyone in between (judges, mayors, governors, the congress, the senate) – we will hold them accountable.

Let it be known, from Walmart to Wall Street and Exxon Mobile to TMobile – if you want to build your products in China, sell them in China.  We support American made products and American labor.  Period!

If you want to join us or if you want more info, let us know by emailing us at info@ourcitizensunion.org.  We need members, volunteers and funds.  Please help us by joining, donating your time or making a financial contribution.