A grievance is a complaint about a company, representative or employee of a company, or public official. By filing a grievance, you are asking for help from Our Citizen’s Union (OCU). We will diligently investigate your grievance. If your grievance is found to be legitimate – meaning, if we believe you’ve truly been treated unfairly or unjustly, we will intervene to resolve the grievance in your favor. Depending upon the nature of your grievance, we will employ the appropriate tactics to resolve it, including a full sanctioned boycott by Our Citizen’s Union members if warranted/necessary.

Grievance arbitration is very time consuming and requires a great deal of OCU volunteer resources. Therefore, it is extremely important that you not file frivolous grievances. In addition, OCU will not intervene in labor disputes when a member is already represented by a labor union. However, we will support your labor union at the request of your bargaining unit agent. In this situation, you should request that your bargaining unit agent contact the OCU Executive Committee.

OCU will intervene in labor disputes where no labor union or collective bargaining unit exists.

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